Frequently Asked Questions

Online Police Training Courses

How can I find out which answers I missed on the exam?

PLI currently provides exam feedback to those users who have passed the exam. Once you have completed and passed the exam, all questions that you missed on the exam will be summarized with the correct answer, your answer, and why.

How can I make up a lesson that I missed?

To complete a lesson that you missed, you can log into your account with your username and password and submit a feedback requesting the lesson you missed from your home page. Or contact us at (800) 554-5358.

How can I find out if I’ve already completed a lesson?

Login to your account, and at the bottom of your home page will be a list of all the lessons you have taken in descending chronological order.

How can I review the legal principles presented in the lesson?

To review the legal principles presented in the lesson, download the Reference & Review that corresponds to that lesson. To access the Reference & Review, login to your account and click the R & R-link that corresponds to a lesson. This will provide you with a PDF version of that month’s Reference & Review. This document covers the topics that are presented in the lesson and examination and provides you with a quick way to study for the lesson or review a lesson you have already completed. (Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.)

How can I find out when a topic was covered?

To find out when a topic was covered in the Monthly Legal Update & Review™, contact your training officer or the Police Law Institute at (800) 554-5358.