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Arm your officers with the shield of knowledge.

The Police Law Institute began serving America’s law enforcement agencies in 1983.

Our primary goal is to keep officers informed and safe, which reduces the risk of civil liability for your entire agency. Our courses can provide you invaluable information that can protect yourself and others around you in all situations.

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The Police Law Institute draws on the experience and talents of a wide variety of law enforcement experts. Highly regarded attorneys and lawyers, each a member of their state’s bar association, authenticate the accuracy of the materials we produce. The courses provided are reviewed and approved to maximize the useful knowledge being conveyed in each course. We cater to each state's unique set of laws to create a better understanding and application of their laws. Police Law Institute also stays up to date with all legislative changes — information that directly impacts your officers’ ability to enforce the laws safely and efficiently.

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As the leader in law enforcement training, we teach using scenario-based lessons and follow up with competency examinations to ensure a superior learning experience for your officers. Our interactive, real-world scenarios illustrate how important legal concepts can be applied in the field. Click Request More Information on the sidebar to learn more!

As the respected industry leader in the delivery of online legal training products for law enforcement agencies, we currently serve law enforcement agencies all over the United States. Your officers have the flexibility and convenience of being able to complete lessons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any Internet-connected computer.


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