Course: Warrantless Entry in Hot Pursuit

Cost: $19

Course Overview

This Law Enforcement Legal Review™ analyzes a recent U.S. Supreme Court case that considers when officers may enter private property in hot pursuit of a suspect.

In this lesson, the current law is reviewed regarding:

  • conducting investigatory stops,
  • entering onto private property when in hot pursuit of a suspect, and
  • receiving qualified immunity.

Recommendations are made for:

  • effectively investigating suspicious situations,
  • gathering sufficient evidence to conduct legal investigatory stops,
  • gathering sufficient evidence for arrests of persons for the commission of the originally suspected pre-stop crimes,
  • determining when there is an exigency or hot pursuit that allows forcible entry,
  • examining options for arresting a suspect when the exigency or hot pursuit exception is not available, and
  • gathering sufficient facts to support a legal warrantless entry into a residence for the purpose of arresting an occupant.